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Puerto Vallarta has been an active driver of the medical tourism, specially the esthetic surgery tourism, by being a city that is at the level of the ocean, very calm and with high human quality of their residents, it is a good spot to relax and recover. Other cities that offer this services are Brasil, Argentina, Vietnam and of course México.

Since many years ago in Puerto Vallarta there has been an increase of foreigner tourism that come to perform themselves any type of surgery, it might be urgent or esthetic type. This is because of their accesible prices that the hospitals of the city offer, the courtesy of the personal and the relaxing and peacefull process that the patients take for their recovery.

Every year this type of tourism is increasing more and more, this is mainly because the experience that the patients have had here has been excellent.

If you are worried about slow and exhausted recoveries by being locked in your room, dont think it more and come to Vallarta, set your next surgical intervention in this amazing place that will give you tranquility and comfort that you need for your rapid recovery.

Puerto Vallarta offers a warmth service, since the moment you arrive with the Puerto Vallarta airport transportation.

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    Amazing. I'd like to have crawled into your susctaie for this one. I can't wait to see you soon hopefully real soon!Call me when you have not a free minute, but need a free minute to just chat:)Miranda


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