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The Matamoros Lighthouse

The Matamoros Lighthouse


One of the very few remodeled sailing beacons in the city, the Matamoros Lighthouse is located on the mountainside, overlooking the roof tiles and offering a breathtaking view of the city center and the Banderas Bay.

The lighthouse itself was built and inaugurated on August 15th of the year 1932 by the Port Captian, Roberto Alcazar. It did its job for 46 years, guiding ships until the year 1978, when it stopped working due to difficulties with the weather. In 2006, the local authorities spruced it up again and made it available to the public, with a new terrace for the enjoyment of its wonderful vistas.

This location makes a great spot for photography enthusiasts and anyone looking for a great view and a little bit of exercise. From the terrace you can photograph many of the Bay’s main attractions.

To reach the lighthouse, you can start off in Malecon en the corner of Galeana and Morelos, near the smaller decorative lighthouse. From here, it’s a short walk up Galeana, across the streets Juarez and Hidalgo, until you start climbing some steps. There are beautiful colored houses and a sculpture around this point. The next street will be Matamoros, which you can follow (turning right) about 30 meters down to the lighthouse.

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