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The La Cruz Overlook

The La Cruz Overlook


Thanks to its slow rise in popularity during 2016, the government decided to make an investment to improve the climb to this viewpoint and make it more accessible to the public. Now, it’s a great place to enjoy a beautiful view of the entire bay and city center.

In spite of the recent work done on the steps and roads, some elderly or handicapped people might find it a very difficult climb. Some areas are very inclined, and the steps can be exhausting to climb, but the view and feeling of achievement are well worth this 20 minute uphill walk.

Sunsets and early mornings are the best moments to enjoy the wonderful vista of the city, and the weather tends to be more forgiving around these times as well. We would recommend aspiring visitors to take some snacks and water for the road as there are no nearby stores once you’re up on the lonesome top.

To find the way up, you have to take Morelos street until you reach Abasolo, where you will turn left and begin the upward climb toward La Cruz. It’s straight up from there on out.

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