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Saucedo Theater

Saucedo Theater


This charming building, reminiscent of the Belle Epoque, can be found on the corner of the streets Juarez and Iturbide. It was built for Sr. Juan Saucedo by the Italian engineer Angel Corsi in 1922. On the lower floor there were once a variety of shows, like theater, musicals, boxing, and even movies. On the second floor, once reachable through a stairwell on Iturbide street, there were three separate levels that gave the building an air of elegance. In these levels there used to be a casino for the younger crowds to gather and host parties and wedding receptions.

During the RevolucionCristera (Christian Revolution) the army used it as their quarters and stables. Later on, the first floor was taken over by the Gutierrez Bros. shop, and the top floor used as a hotel. Currently, it’s a fabric shop full of vibrant colors.

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